the seven essential steps for change and leadership

We have to do something new in our life so that we can become a leader, a better person, help others, make the world a better place to live or achieve our goals. That’s why I wanted to share with you the following seven powerful essential steps, I just carried out, thinking it would be helpful for you.

1. Develop your personal health and energy :

To change, to make big changes in our life it requires a lot of energy. We need energy to break old habits. We need energy to establish and create new positive strong habits. We need energy to overcome difficulty. Sometimes we’re going to face difficulties. Sometimes we’re not going to feel like doing something that we really need and want to do. And if we have the energy, we can make ourselves do it. But if we’re tired, we can’t, or we won’t probably. So energy is vitally important.
And, of course, as we get healthier we’re going to find that our mental energy increases. We’re just able to think more and do more. We’re more creative. And our emotional energy increases, our positive emotional energy. We’ll feel happier, more enthusiastic, more passionate about things. That’s the engine, right? That’s the engine that affects everything else in our life. It powers everything else in our life. Any change we want, whether it’s improving ourselves or being a great leader or making more money. It doesn’t matter what it is.

2. Develop a personal mission or missions :

We don’t make changes unless we have a strong reason to do so. It doesn’t matter what job we have or if we are unemployed. It doesn’t matter what relationship we are in. It doesn’t matter what the situation in our life is. We can always be focused on our purposes. Because our purposes, missions are our fuel, okay ?
We need a powerful WHY, a powerful reason, a powerful purpose to do so. If we have a deeper purpose in our life, people will feel it and they will respond to us differently. We will be much more influential.

3. Understand deeply :

Well the first thing we need to understand is ourselves, right? We have to understand ourselves, our feelings, our thoughts, our motivations, our psychology…all of the stuff going on inside our head. This is true for a change we want to make personally in our life. It’s also true if we are trying to lead another person. If we don’t really understand what’s happening with ourselves, we’ll have a very difficult time making effective changes that last, that are long term. The second thing we have to understand is the situation, what’s happening with ourselves and the environment. What is the situation now? We need to understand it as much as possible before we start trying things. And finally we need to understand other people, other people who are involved in this situation, this problem, this challenge, this goal that we want to accomplish.

4. Get emotional leverage :

To make a change we need emotional leverage. It means strong, powerful, emotional reasons to change. Let’s get a common example, let’s say getting healthy or losing weight. Well there are millions and millions of people who want to lose weight and get healthier. “Oh I want to get healthier. Oh I’m going to lose weight. Oh I’m going to lose weight.” They have been telling us this, they have told us a thousand logical, rational reasons why they need to do this. Yet they have not done it. Why not? Because they did not get powerful emotional reasons that made them want to change so much that nothing could stop them; that would really just force them to change. That’s what emotional leverage is. We have to focus on the emotion, not on the logic.
Whatever change it is that we want in our life, we have to attach a lot of negative painful emotion to not changing. Make it terrible and really think about it constantly all the time, every day. Oh, if we don’t change, oh, it’s going to get worse and worse and be terrible. And, uh, and we’ll be a horrible people and it’ll suck and oh my god, right? And just make that emotion stronger and stronger and stronger. And at the same time, dream a little bit about our goal. And think about how wonderful and amazing it’ll be when we do make the change. And this emotional leverage is…it’ll change everything. In fact, just this step probably could help us make most of the changes we need to make. Don’t minimize. Don’t make the problem seem like it’s okay. Make it painful. Alright, we must feel it.

5. Destroy old patterns :

Usually people have distucting behaviors that prevent them from doing what they should do. Break and interrup that old behaviors that are stopping us from making the improvement we want.

6. Create empowering beliefs and visions :

Create empowering beliefs and a vision. Create an empowering belief structure and vision. In other words, we’re now going to add in something very positive and empowering, right? We scrambled and destroyed the old pattern and now we’re going to add in what we want. But it’s very important that when we add something in that we have to have the beliefs that will really make us do it. We have to really believe it deep down that, yes, this is real, this is true, this is going to happen. We can do it. We will do it. That’s very, very important. And then, of course, we also need to decide and identify the exact specific behavior that we want to do instead of that old thing. Alright, so again, we’re going to replace those old behaviors now and those old beliefs, consciously, with specific new ones.

7. Condition it :

We should reward ourselves for the new behaviors that we created until the new behaviors become automatic. We should celebrate every time, even if we only do the new behaviors a little bit.

Source : A.J. Hoge , Tony Robbins

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