ten suggestions for system integrator companies

I think system integrator companies play a critical role in the IT sector because most of the world’s giant IT firms have to sell their products or services to customers through these companies. I have been in collaboration with most of the active system integrator companies and had the chance to observe their business models. So, I would like to make ten suggestions to them which I am going to try to explain step-by-step.

One, they have to specify a service owner role in their organization so that they can let their customers communicate with just one person as a single point of contact. Currently, this role seems to be represented by their sales teams. For that reason, their customers have to contact with many people to meet their expectations.

Two, they should utilize their technical employees to apply current technologies into their IT environment so that they can represent the latest products in an efficient way.

Three, I don’t think money should be their primary target.

Four, unproductiveness shouldn’t be a reason for these companies to offer their services at high prices.

Five, it has come to my attention that there is usually a single hero in most of these organizations who tries to save the business by himself. At the end of the day, the so-called hero becomes snowed under with work and leaves the company unexpectedly. What should be done is to delegate the hero’s responsibilities across the company in order to create multiple heroes.

Six, they have to manage employee circulation and growing business smoothly so that they can keep customer satisfaction high.

Seven, in order to let their employees get rid of their IT problems, they should establish an IT department. They should avoid benefiting from their technical employees to sort out their IT problems.

Eight, they should take expertise into account instead of personal relationships while hiring employees.

Nine, they should work with a brand independent business model.

Ten, they should not get out of date.

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