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To me, managerial proficiency is more important than high level expertise in success. From this, I have always believed manageable IT environments should be established to decrease cost with commitments expected from IT departments. And this awareness should be kept refreshed by IT directors to look over IT matters continually to achieve high quality. The point of this article is to share with you two beneficial approaches to manage IT departments successfully.

I would like to try to show you some wrong points I have observed to clarify the first approach. It has come to my attention that plenty of companies have to spend more than seventy percent of their IT budget to keep their existing IT environments up and running due to expensive agreements consisting of unnecessary contents, routine expenses which are unaccounted and hiring employees who don’t have enough know-how. Besides, infrastructures not established by expert people that eventually cause incidents, applications bought without too much thought and time invested for them, delivering poor quality and improper service and hardware which doesn’t have care pack are some other reasons why companies have to spare such a budget. Instead of doing this, they should leave considerable amount of their IT budget to transfer new technologies to their IT environment. In order to use the IT budget efficiently, the above points should be looked over or eliminated by the IT directors.

Furthermore, technological products become complicated day after day. For instance, we can say that the first Microsoft Outlook launched just had a ‘Send and Receive’ button, but now the new one is so complicated. In other words, it has been built up with amazing features. That’s why we have to consider simplicity while carrying out IT projects not to allow them to make our life worse because products are already complex. The other approach we have to have is consolidation. We have to consolidate everything related to IT environment. We have to keep them as simple as possible. On the other hand, we have to balance expectations of business. In addition, we can use the 4P (People, Process, Product, Partners) formula which is explained in the Service Design book of ITIL to drive our work smoothly. I would like to finish this post with an impressive example. A global company in the food industry was able to decrease from 18 brands to 2 brands and from 178 models to 13 models through the consolidation approach with printers.

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reaching our dreams

My purpose with this post is to show you how we can achieve our goals or reach our dreams easily and which path is correct while walking on the long tough journey. I really want you to enjoy with my post.

To start with, I am going to talk to you about the behavior of giving up in the first part of my post and I think all of us have something we really want to do but have given up. Have you thought what it is that you really want to do with your life but you haven’t done? Maybe you wanted to be an artist or a painter. I know if you look back in your life, you can find something like these. In my life, I have seen many people who have been working at a job which is different from what they studied for. And all of us know that few people can be in control of their career. Usually their society leads their future. Most people feel stuck in their life. Unfortunately, this is true in every culture.

Secondly, I want you to think why we let our parents, bosses, friends or another person to steal ourdreams. I believe you decided not to continue doing what you want because you fear. We are taught to fit in. We are taught to avoid criticism. We haven’t thought of being remarkable. If we were different, people would start to criticize us. For that reason, we have always chosen to play it safe. Everybody has expected us to follow rules. I think we have been trained to be normal since we were children until right now. Standing out is not a good thing and people around us have always told us to follow others and do what other people have done. These seem like the best ways to failure. We have to know being normal is the formula to failure.

Let’s move on to the final part, I want you to think about what we have to do to reach our dreams again. How can we get rid of this routine life? I would like to draw your attention to the following suggestions. We have to discover what we are afraid of and we should face our fears and then move through them. It doesn’t matter what other people think, what other people say. We need to say, this is my big dream and I am afraid to do it. There is a wise saying I want to share with you. Feel the fear but do it anyway. If we do that, the fear actually goes away. Next, we have to identify our strong points of our personality and skills. What are the strongest points of our personality and skills? And then we have to excel at them and make them super strong. At the same time, we have to ignore our weak points. We need people to notice us. We have to demonstrate our skills instead of hiding them. Standing out might be quite difficult but this difficulty is only in our heads, our minds. Please trust me; no one is going to smack our face if we are different. No one is going to kill us; no one is going to lock us in a cage. At last, we have to take risks where we are strong. We have to try out new things. We must be extreme. I would like to emphasize again. Stop playing it safe and go get your dreams.

Thank you for your attention. Please feel free to ask me your questions.

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