Who I am

I have been in the IT field since 2002. I am actually a graduate of the Geodesy and Photogrammetry department of Hacettepe University. After working in this field for two years, I felt that I wouldn’t be able to carry out my duty due to some ethical issues inherent in this field. Thinking that the IT field would suit my skills, I decided to give the IT field a try.

I can say that my journey in the IT field took off when I started working as the head of the IT department at Baykan Group. At first, I lacked all the experience and knowledge this post required of me to fulfill my responsibilities. That’s why I preferred to get support from subcontractors. On the other hand, I wanted to learn more about this field so I could runTaken with Lumia Selfie everything by myself. At that time, the best educational institution in the field was Bilge Adam Information Technologies Academy, which is why I chose it. During my two year training, I was able to put into practice everything  I was learning. I even had the chance to set up a nice test environment for myself, which I also used to improve the company system. Thanks to my academic training and the test environment, they made me more expertise of the IT field. Perhaps the best example of this was that the company was using dial-up connection when I started working but a T1 line when I left.

In order to progress and to acquire new knowledge, I quit my job at Baykan and got a new job at Arıkan Inc. where I also had the chance to make contributions to their IT infrastructure. I resigned from that position two year later in order to complete my military service.

After completing my military service, I immediately started working at Kardem Textile as the system and operational manager and I was able to complete more than thirty projects that were crucial for the company. I acquired the most beneficial knowledge in terms of my career at this company. The IT infrastructure I set up was much more advanced than many large enterprises at the time so the company started transferring technology to the firms we worked with. After five years of work there, I decided to specialize in one field and started working at the world’s leading software company, Microsoft. I worked as a Support Engineer for the EMEA region on Skype for Business (formerly Lync) at the Global Business Support for five years and then moved to the largest technology company in the world, Apple as Technical Advisor.

Being a keen researcher, I have always perceived what I have learned as steps in the path to becoming a professional and have done my best to accomplish that goal. Considering enthusiasm and self esteem to be of gross value, I constantly motivate myself in this respect.

I believe that leadership skills on top of professional expertise are a must for a successful candidate.

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